Abscessed Teeth

Abcsessed TeethWhat are Abscessed Teeth?

Abscessed teeth are characterized as a tooth ache with severe and continuous pain. Symptoms could also include fever, tooth sensitivity, pain while chewing, swelling, and bad breath from the affected area.

What Causes Abscessed Teeth?

An abscessed tooth occurs because of an infection at the root of the tooth or between the gum and tooth. This can also be caused when a tooth undergoes trauma or is chipped, allowing the bacteria a faster way to affect the root.

Treatments with Michael E. Thum Dentistry

A dentist can diagnose an abscessed tooth by using a probe to test for pain. If it is determined that you have an abscessed tooth, a root canal may be necessary to drain the infection. It also may be necessary to extract the tooth completely, or make an incision in the gum. In some cases, antibiotics and pain medication can be subscribed. Michael Thum Dentistry specializes in diagnosing and treating abscessed teeth, and can get you on the road to recovery.

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