CavityWhat are Cavities?

Cavities are holes in the teeth that are caused by the erosion of enamel. As you eat foods, specifically those high in sugars or starches, bacteria in your mouth interacts with acid and can form plaque, which is potentially damaging to your teeth.

What Causes Cavities?

Although sugary foods can lead to cavities, they are not the only cause. Regular brushing and flossing can help you avoid getting cavities by preventing plaque build-up, as well as scheduled check-ups with your dentist.

Treatments with Michael E. Thum Dentistry

Your dentist at Michael E. Thum Dentistry can help detect cavities by probing the teeth for soft spots or holes. We can also use X-rays to detect them before they are physically visible. If you have a cavity, a filling may be needed to replace the eroded portion of the tooth. If the problem can’t be fixed with a filling, a crown may need to be fitted.

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