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How do you go about whitening your teeth? How do you do it safely, quickly, and affordably?

Turn to the people you depend on for all your dental care: your dentist and hygienist. They know more about your teeth and gums, your current state of health, and the best way to whiten your teeth!

  • #1 patient requested in-office whitening system!
  • Enjoy the confidence of a whiter smile.
  • Only a dental professional can get your teeth their whitest.
  • The fastest way to whiter teeth.
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Michael E. Thum DDS and his staff are more than happy to provide cosmetic dentistry services to Creve Coeur, and the rest of the St. Louis metro area.  Through several techniques, we are able to transform the way you look and feel about your smile if you have stained, chipped, irregular shaped, or crowded teeth.


Are your teeth stained or discolored?  If you are looking for a brighter smile, let us know and we’ll bleach your teeth to lighten the hue and give you a more radiant smile. If you are a heavy coffee or tobacco user, please ask us for information about the potential damage these can cause after your teeth are bleached. Some teeth can experience increased sensitivity to cold, but this sensitivity usually dissipates shortly after treatment.


Do you have chipped or broken teeth? We will apply a tooth-colored putty to the surface of the tooth to bond it, and we also use the same putty to fill gaps between teeth. Similar to bleaching, bonded teeth may sometimes stain faster than normal.


This is a layer that we place over a tooth (or several) to protect against damage to the surface or to improve the aesthetics of your teeth.  These are ultra-thin layers that we bond to your teeth.


If you have a tooth that looks different than the rest, it may be misshapen.  We can reshape your tooth by removing the enamel and craft a perfect fit for your mouth and smile.


Missing a tooth?  We can construct an artificial tooth and put it in there.  We strongly recommend coming in for regular dental checkups if you’ve had implants to prevent any unnecessary pain or complications.

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